Monarch Cove Inn is the perfect venue for a daytime wedding with a stunning view and beautiful landscaped grounds. The bride gets a generous suite in the middle of the property, where she can check out the setup progress with clandestine peeps through her upstairs window. I arrived early for Mandy and Dave's wedding so I could capture the details of this beautiful spot – as well as check in with this adorable couple and meet the friends and family surrounding and supporting them for the day.

These guys opted for a first look, which is a great way to spread out the time we spend on formal photos, and get 2/3 of them done before the first guests begin to arrive. I *love* doing this as I can get more photos, plus it's relaxed and not rushed like it is when I have to do it all during cocktail hour. 

I could talk more about Mandy and Dave's wedding, but this is a photography blog so I may as well just share the photos...