I've interacted with this family several times over the years – mostly with the groom's brother (I shot his marriage proposal as well as family photos later on at this same location). Everyone is from Texas, so this is a special spot along the Bay that the family enjoys to come together at. 

Today, Matt and Pamela held an emotional, intimate wedding on , a grass-covered clearing on Ribera Beach in Carmel, with a large rock outcrop standing firm as backdrop. A beautiful location, to be sure, and a stone's throw from where Matt's father was married years before – but the view was nothing compared to the beautiful bride walking down the makeshift aisle with her father. In no time, everyone was sniffling and dabbing at their eyes, soaking up the pure joy of the moment on this beautiful day. 

Nearly every bride admits to wanting that small beach wedding, but reality tends to prevent this ethereal dream from becoming true. But every once in a while, a couple manages to make it happen, and I'm always honored to play a part in capturing the nuance, the happiness, the laughter and tears. Here's a few of my faves from Pamela and Matt's beach wedding in Carmel.