I have to say this was a first for me – Alex just happened to have a bunch of rope in his truck, so we acted out a little fantasy – rescuing the tied up damsel in distress from the railroad tracks. Before you collectively freak out, dear internet, this is an unused track – not a dangerous situation. Anyways, we could't decide if Alex would play villain or savior, it's really a matter of what order I show the photos (tying her up first... or reverse to show un-tying). For the sake of this blog post and because he is her fiance, we'll stick with the savior story. Even though we ended the shoot with the role-playing, I wanted to show you those photos first.

The rest of the engagement shoot went great – it was a misty, overcast late afternoon, but the winds were calm (for once), even if the waves were crazy (as usual). These two definitely have a connection, it was really easy to direct them through the whole process. Here's some of my favorites from their engagement session at this little-known special location in Santa Cruz.