Oh my, I'm really looking forward to Kelly and Jeremy's wedding next year. After only a couple hours with this lovely couple, I found their relationship to be that inspires honesty, genuine friendship and of course, true love. They've got a connection that's both spiritual and physical, and working with that type of subject makes my job very easy indeed. We started out their practice session exploring the architectural and natural beauty found around the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. This is a popular destination for tourists and photographers alike, I don't think I've ever shot there without seeing at least 2-3 other professional shoots happening in tandem. Luckily it's a large property, and not too difficult to get creative and make the shoot look like your subjects were the only ones there. Well, I tried at least!! Afterwards, we drove across the Golden Gate bridge to the Marin Headlands – another very popular tourist destination, but we not only lucked out with parking – we had beautiful, not-too-windy weather and a clear view of the city (which can often be obscured by fog in the summer). All in all I had a wonderful time with Kelly and Jeremy and sincerely look forward to spending more time with them in 2018. Here's a selection of a few of my favorite photos from their engagement session: