These two were flying back to New York the same evening, so rescheduling their west coast engagement was… not an option. While I waited for them in the Palace of Fine Arts parking lot, the sky opened up and rained… Part of me was expecting the client to cancel via text, but alas the rain stopped and they showed up not too long after, ready to go! Even when the weather is cold and drizzly, the Palace of Fine Arts is a very popular tourist destination, and they get dropped off to explore the property by the busload. And of course there’s always photographers, both amateur and professional, snapping away at the architectural wonders or, like me, shooting sessions with couples. We took our time exploring the property, getting both wide shots to show off the towering architecture, and closer in, more intimate photos. The challenge is really to make it seem like my clients are the only ones there – and I think we more or less accomplished this! Afterwards we drove 10 minutes to Baker Beach, another popular tourist location given the great sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge. After a quick outfit change in my Sqivvy pop-up tent, we finished the engagement shoot on the beach, getting some romantic sunset shots along the way. Enjoy a few of my faves below!