Custom-tailored packages come standard.

We don't offer cookie-cutter packages, everything is custom-tailored for our clients. There's a lot of variables that go into getting our couples the best price we can – time of year, our current workload, the wedding location, date popularity, size of wedding, amount of coverage needed, etc. We're definitely not the cheapest game in town, but we care enough about you to listen to your specific needs and let you know what your options are.

We've done weddings for $1,500, and we've done weddings for over $10,000. Everyone deserves amazing wedding photos, and we'll do whatever we can to make that happen for you, even if it means referring you to someone else.

If you are seriously interested in a GoodEye wedding (and not just kicking the tires, filling out the ol' wedding spreadsheet), please make the effort to communicate with us. We'll respond right away, just you see! 

Because we actually, genuinely enjoy photographing the most important day in your life, we have zero interest in shooting 100+ weddings every year. That's not good for us, and it's not good for you. We intentionally limit our availability to roughly 25 to 35 weddings per year, and book up around February or March. After that 25th wedding is booked, we get very picky about taking on any additional weddings, and the price is likely to go up as well.

Bottom line: just tell us as much as you can about your big day, and if Chris (the owner) or another GoodEye Associate is not the best fit for you, we'll do our best to hook you up with some appropriate referrals with no strings attached.

Hundreds of brides from years past certainly have no regrets, we'd love to be your next savvy wedding investment.