Carol and Pat are the sweetest couple, and photographing their engagement in Santa Cruz, then their wedding at Kennolyn in Soquel a couple weeks later – was definitely an honor (not to mention tons of fun). I'm so glad they chose Kennolyn for their outdoor wedding venue, and equally happy that the weather ended up being perfect; it's a beautiful location, lots of green grass, stunning views of the bay, and even some redwoods to explore while taking photos.

Beyond the sweet way they look at each other, there are a few things I'll remember about this wedding:

1. The fact that they combined their last names to create a new one: "Owendro" is symbolic and marks new beginnings

2. The girls in the bridal party are amazing jumpers, I swear they practiced.

3. The enthusiasm on the dance floor was inspiring; I don't always enjoy dancing photos, but these were a lot of fun.

OK, enough chatter – on to the photos! Here's a few of my faves...